About Me


Hello - I'm so happy you're here! Actually, I'm beyond thrilled. Whoa, it's taken me 38 years to finally use my voice without any hesitation. I can't tell you how liberating that is. I encourage you to follow along as I tell you my story and give little nuggets that have helped along the way. 

This is going to be fun and most importantly....real. Here are a few things about me: I'm born and raised in Kansas City - I absolutely LOVE my home town. I'm married to a hunky man named, Nick and we have two amazing children - Ellianna 7 and Maverick 4. I love a good bargain, I'm obsessed with products (especially ones with cute packaging, lol.), most nights you will catch me snuggled up in sweats with Oreos and milk. Target is my happy place! My mission and my passion is to heal myself and others. Much more on that! Love over everything - B


My purpose - mission

Like many of you I have a story and oh my goodness, it's been messy and sad. I've experienced heartbreak, growth, joy and most importantly gratitude. I want to use my story to help others and cultivate change. My journey has brought me to this point in my life and I am on a mission. It's not been easy, not even a little bit. Worth it? DEFINITELY!


Community and how you can get involved

We all deserve and want connection, it's actually one of our core needs. I created a safe place for us all to connect on a real level, not just fluff. Email me for more info: Hello@therealmama.com Have something you want me to write or vlog about? Let me know.