About a month ago, my son was chasing after my dog, and he hit him on the back. My dog turned around, retaliated and bit my little guy. He immediately screamed and came running for me crying his eyes out.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that my dog has bit anyone. He bit me a couple of years ago, and my finger immediately swelled up to the point of immobility (even after cleaning with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide). I had to make an emergency doctor appt to make sure I didn’t need a tetanus shot, especially because I was pregnant. Thankfully, I had gotten my whooping cough vaccination two months prior, and tetanus is automatically included in that shot! I was really thankful.

Fast forward to my son’s bite. It immediately started swelling, and I could not make a doctor appointment because it was already closing time for the doc’s office. Instead of hopping into the car to head to the ER, which I really didn’t want to do, I grabbed my essential oils and got him cleaned up, oiled up and protected immediately. I still cleaned it off with alcohol and hydrogen peroxide like I had done for me, but this time I had my oils! Because I had so much success with the oils I used, I thought it was a great visual to see how powerful essential oils can be, and why they’ve become a vital part of my home.

Here is what the bite looked like immediately after the incident:

Immediately after the bite

Immediately after the bite

Here is what the bite looked like within 30 minutes (after applying oils immediately):

Within 30 minutes of applying essential oils

Within 30 minutes of applying essential oils

Here is what the bite looked like the next day (about 4 applications of essential oils):


Dog bite the next day

Now there is no scar, no sign of the dog biting. Maybe a little bit of an emotional scar, but no physical damage done. I can’t believe how easy it was to take care of him, and I didn’t need a doctor, co-pay, ER visit or medicine!

The oils I used are doTERRA essential oils. I applied Purify (a blend), Frankincense and Lavender. (If you want information on where to find these oils, click here. I do sell them, because I’ve fallen in love with how much they’ve helped my family!)

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the dog…he’s still here. Mainly separated from the kids, but my son also knows better than to go up and hit the dog now!


6 thoughts on “How Essential Oils Helped My Son

  1. Kristine-Real Food Girl: Unmodified

    I love the healing powers of essential oils as well. I’m so glad your little guy is okay. We have a dog that has defended himself when he was hit by a child too- and it broke our heart, but thankfully her momma was like “you can’t expect a dog not to be a dog”…


    1. Heather Moulden Post author

      Hi Kristine,

      Thank you! Yes, I felt bad for my dog too. It was a lose-lose situation, but thankful for it being a relatively easy fix! Thank you for stopping by my blog!


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